Live Dates

June 20th - BKU Awards London

June 21st - Alzheimer’s Benefit

June 27th- RICS Dinner Glasgow 

June 27-29 The Stand Comedy Club Glasgow

July 4th - Colchester Stadium

July 5th- Sean Collins Tour Show - Gosport Masonic Hall

July 11th- Employee Awards London

July 26th- Comedy Carnival & Ealing Comedy Festival Gala

July 27th- Comedy Carnival London

August 1st - Top Secret Comedy Club London

August 3rd- Komedia Bath

August 9-10 Comedy Store Manchester 

August 22nd - Comedy Store Manchester 

August 24th Leeds Hifi Club &Harrogate Comedy Club

September 14-Oct 1st

Western Canadian Tour Venues to be announced 

Oct 3rd - Comedy Store London

Oct 4th - Comedy Store London and Headliners Chiswick

Oct 5th-Comedy Store London & Headliners Comedy Club Chiswick 

Oct 10-12 Comedy Carnival London

Oct 17th- Corporate Event London

Oct 25th- Bournemouth Comedy Club

Oct 26-27 - Komedia Brighton

November 2nd - Bearcat Comedy Club London

Nov 7th - East Grimstead Comedy Club

Nov 14th - Corporate Event London

Nov 16th - Horsham Comedy Club

Nov 21st-23rd- Glee Club Birmimgham 

Nov 28th - Corporate Event -London

Nov 29th-30th- Glee Club Nottingham 

Dec 4th- PFA Lunch Leeds

Dec 6-7 - Slaughterhouse Comedy Club Liverpool 

Dec 19-21 Glee Club Cardiff

Jan 15th-Jan 25th - Ottawa Yuk Yuk’s