Live Dates

March 24-26 Cardiff Glee Club
March 27- Bognor Regis Butlins
April 8th - “Regrets” Tour Show -Masonic Hall Gosport
April 15th- Bournemouth
April 16th- Brighton - 2 shows The Folklore Rooms
May 7th - “Regrets” Tour
Show - Titchfield Theatre
May 13th- Gosport Comedy Club
May 21st - “Regrets” Tour Show - Lee on Solent Tennis Club
June 12th - Bognor Regis - Butlins
June 18th - Giggles in the Garden - Romsey
June 24,25 - Birmingham Glee Club
July 1,2 - Cardiff Glee Club
July 2nd - Kettering 
July 8th- Gosport Comedy Club
July 9th - Keysham Comedy Club
July 14th - Horley/Shipley
July 15th - “Regrets” Tour Show - Verwood Hub Theatre
July 16th - Comedy Carnaval - London
August 4th- “Regrets” Tour Show - The Robin, Bilston
August 5th- Gosport Comedy Club
August 6th - Gosport Comedy Club
August 13th- “Regrets” Tour Show - Laughter House, Basingstoke
August 25th - RAF Base
August 28,29 - “Regrets” Tour Show - Twinwood Festival
September 9th - Eastbourne Charity Event
September 10th- Regrets Tour Show - The Screen Cinema, Windsor
September 22nd - Regrets Tour Show , Chorley
September 23rd- Gosport Comedy Club
September 29th - Comedy Store London
September 30th- Comedy Store London
September 30th- Headliners Comedy Club, Chiswick
October 1st - Comedy Store London 2 shows
October 1st - Headliners Comedy Club, Chiswick
October 7,8- Comedy Carnaval London
October 8th- Top Secret Comedy Club London
October 21st- Gosport Comedy Club
November 18th- Gosport Comedy Club
November 19th - Regrets Tour Show Redditch
December 27th- Fat Theo’s Comedy Club Redditch
January 28th - Bearcat Comedy Club , London
Feb 23rd - Regrets Tour Show Lowestoft